Jiangsu Wu Shuai Forging Machinery Co.,Ltd.The main products are:Machine screws,Precision Machinery, etc.
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    Sales Manager

    Date:2019-05-28 20:38:49 Viewing Count:

    Job Type: Sales | Marketing | Customer Service | Public Relations

    Release time: 2019-05-27

    Effective date: 2019-08-18

    Basic requirements: age 19-60 gender is not limited

    Working location: Jiangsu Changzhou

    description of job:

    1. Responsible for the management, classification, organization, documentation and storage of the company's sales contracts and other marketing documents;

    2, the sales order tracking, if there is an unexpected situation can not meet the customer's requirements, we must promptly reflect the situation to the highest level of the company, and finally find a solution;

    3. Coordinated handling of sales and shipping arrangements and delivery response with customers and other matters;

    4. Check the monthly bill with the customer and follow up the progress of the payment;

    5. Do a good job in recording the customer's situation and sales situation;

    6. Have good communication and negotiation skills, quick response, strong communication and learning ability;

    7. Extroverted, honest, good at communication and cooperation, good sense of teamwork and responsibility. 8. Good communication and coordination skills, able to patiently understand customer needs;

    Working address: No. 1, Baizhang East Street, Chunjiang Town, Xinbei District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province


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The main products are:Machine screws,Precision Machinery, etc.