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    Similarities and differences between the cold heading machine and the hot nut of the fastener

    Date:2019-05-28 19:59:51 Viewing Count:

    Cold heading is the use of metal plasticity, using cold mechanics for pressure or cold drawing to achieve the purpose of solid metal deformation. As far as the surface is concerned, the cold-pressed product looks better than the hot-selling product, and the finish is good. In terms of use, the hot-selling nut generally has a higher hardness than the cold-pressed product, and the strength is higher. For users with high requirements, the material is very large. the difference.

    A method of forging the top of a bar or wire at room temperature. Cold heading is mainly used to make parts such as bolts, nuts, nails, rivets and steel balls. The forging material can be copper, aluminum, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and titanium alloy, and the material utilization rate can reach 80-90%. Cold heading is carried out on a dedicated cold heading machine, which is convenient for continuous, multi-station and automated production. In the cold heading machine, the processes of cutting, hoeing, accumulation, forming, chamfering, twisting, shrinking and trimming can be sequentially performed. The production efficiency is high, up to 300 pieces/min, and the largest cold-rolled workpiece has a diameter of 48 mm.

    The cold rolling bolt process diagram is a typical process of cold head bolts. The multi-station nut automatic cold heading machine is a multi-station nut automatic cold heading machine. The bar material is automatically fed into the length by the feeding mechanism, and the cutting mechanism cuts it into a blank, and then the clamp conveying mechanism sequentially sends it to the accumulation pressing and punching station for forming.


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The main products are:Machine screws,Precision Machinery, etc.