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    High-speed automatic warming machine, cold heading machine for you to make money

    Date:2019-05-28 20:06:35 Viewing Count:

    As we all know, punching machine is an indispensable machine in national production in the last century. It is widely used in the red-rush processing industry all over the country. However, due to its low production efficiency, high labor cost, poor safety and high cost, it has to be automated by a new generation. The device is replaced.

    The cold heading machine fills the domestic blank of automatic red punching of mechanical parts, reduces the number of workers, greatly improves the mechanical performance of the products, reduces the scrap rate, and greatly improves the production safety index. In the case of no one knowing at first, it was first used by individual customers, which produced huge economic benefits. The surrounding enterprises learned through the various channels and inspected the unannounced visits, and then they rushed to buy, and the cold heading equipment that was manufactured every year was Panic out! Now it has developed into large-scale enterprises and self-employed households in Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Sichuan and other places, which have produced good economic and social benefits!

    To be honest, what you most want to know may be the secret of their success!

    I have found that these methods do not have much mystery, nothing more than:

    Use less staff! ! ! Fully automated! ! ! high efficiency! ! ! Safe! ! ! cut costs! ! !

    The medium frequency furnace is used for heating or acetylene and liquefied gas to heat the material, and the upsetting pressure of the machine is used, automatic feeding, automatic heating, automatic cutting, automatic stamping and automatic blanking. The product can be molded in the mold at one time, and irregular parts such as a sphere, a hexagon, a cylinder, and a valve body can be produced. After adopting this technology, the material can be reduced and the cost can be reduced, but the product is molded once, the process is reduced, the deep hole and the porous part can be made, the complicated problem of the part is solved, and the continuous production can improve the efficiency. This equipment is the ideal equipment to solve the cold rolling process, and it is the upgrade and replacement of the red hot rolling process.

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The main products are:Machine screws,Precision Machinery, etc.