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    Automatic high-speed four-mode four-stroke multi-station cold heading machine

    Date:2019-05-28 20:14:33 Viewing Count:

    Automatic high-speed four-mode four-stroke multi-station cold heading machine

    Adapted to all kinds of non-standard parts screw bolts, auto parts, motorcycle parts, engineering machinery parts, electrical parts and other molding

    The main slider is connected to the rear wing design to make it travel more stable and accurate. The JIS FCD55 material **** type front punch adjustment mechanism is used. The die seat is made of alloy steel shell, and the inner bushing is made of SKD-11 material, which can improve precision and extend life.

    1. This machine adopts strict casting process and eliminates residual stress treatment to prevent deformation during use and maintain high precision of machine parts for a long time.

    2. Equipped with air pressure clutch brake, it can make the starting current of the machine small and can achieve “inching”, “single stroke” and “continuous stroke”. Except for “inching” mode, the main slider of the machine will stop automatically at the end when parking. Location to facilitate maximum operational adjustment space.

    3. 2. The circumferential shearing die ensures that the material is cut neatly and evenly.

    4. The pressure roller is pressed, the pawl feeding is driven by a cylinder, and the pressing wheel is equipped with an anti-backing device to prevent the material from retreating.

    5. The front-out (male die-out) action synchronized with the main slider allows the workpiece to temporarily stay in the female mold after forming, so as not to be carried out by the die

    6. The main motor is equipped with imported inverter and PLC control system, which can realize stepless speed regulation of machine production speed.

    7. The cams of each part are accurately calculated by computer and processed by CNC machine tools, which greatly improves the accuracy and stability of the machine.

    8. The strength of the bed and the quenched alloy steel side panels allow the main slide to maintain long-term motion accuracy and extend the life of the mold

    9. Equipped with automatic safety detection device, it can automatically detect short material, oil pressure, high pressure, host overload, front and rear overload, etc., main machine working status and fault display.

    10. When the user wants to adjust the production of trimming or forming bolts, it is very convenient to change the phase of the side cams.


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The main products are:Machine screws,Precision Machinery, etc.