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    The first year of China's fastener industry upgrade and the Golden Spider Exhibition

    Date:2019-05-28 19:44:19 Viewing Count:

    In 2008, China's fastener companies faced unprecedented challenges: rising raw material prices, rising labor costs, depreciation of the US dollar, and increased sea freight rates. “Now is winter” has become the mantra of many companies.

         However, pressure and opportunity coexist, the crisis is an opportunity, the upgrade of the entire Chinese fastener industry is quietly carried out and presents three major trends:

         1. From the processing plant to the real modern enterprise;

         2. From simple buying and selling to more diversified cooperation with customers;

         3. More effective marketing strategies from price war to sustainable development.

    According to the Golden Spider Exhibition Organizing Committee, the brand area of Golden Spider Exhibition is particularly popular. The booth has been booked for more than 60% from the exhibition for 4 months. It can be seen that more and more Chinese fastener companies are paying attention to it. Brands must not only be bigger but also stronger. If winter comes, can spring be far behind? Through the winter, Chinese fastener companies that have experienced baptism will be more competitive.

    2008 Guangzhou Fastener Trade Show|Golden Spider Show is an international fastener professional exhibition. Compared with foreign exhibitions, fastener buyers from abroad will not only be limited to certain countries and regions, just like gold spiders. China Fastener Info, which attracts nearly 10,000 visitors from 170 countries and regions every month, visits the invitation information of Golden Spider Exhibition on the Golden Spider English website. Foreign buyers have filled out the visit form. We are eager to consult relevant situations through various channels; more importantly, foreign buyers who come to visit are interested in cooperation with Chinese fastener companies, so the Golden Spider Show is a fastener that comes to visit compared with other exhibitions. Buyers will be more extensive and targeted.

    For foreign buyers, the visit to the Golden Spider Show can reach 600 exhibiting companies, and can also meet with Chinese supplier members who have already cooperated with the Golden Spider English website or are negotiating cooperation to create more cooperation opportunities. Not for?

    As the organizer of the exhibition of China's fastener industry, Golden Spider Media has used the members and users of the Golden Spider Web and the Fasteners quarterly magazine to make terminals from the automotive, electronic appliances, construction, machinery and hardware industries. Users, domestic fastener manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, fastening system providers, importers and exporters, buyers from all over the world and their offices in China have gathered together to bring exciting opportunities for cooperation, in other words For the exhibitors and professional visitors of the Golden Spider Show, this is the opportunity to get the most benefit with the least investment.

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The main products are:Machine screws,Precision Machinery, etc.