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    The automotive industry chain is pleased to see the fastener industry

    Date:2019-05-28 19:49:06 Viewing Count:

    “The high-growth vehicle market has driven the rapid growth of auto parts, especially automotive fasteners.”

    Since joining the WTO, the assets of China's auto parts industry have increased year by year, and the proportion of the total assets of the entire automobile industry has jumped from 5% in 2002 to 35% in 2006, and it has occupied the entire automobile industry chain. The more important the location.

    In recent years, the Chinese auto market has continued to maintain rapid growth. In 2007, China's automobile production was 8.94 million. It is estimated that by 2010, China's automobile production and sales will exceed 10 million, and by 2015 it is expected to exceed 16 million, making it the world's largest automobile consumer.

    It is understood that there are at least 500 varieties of more than 4,000 fasteners in a truck, the value of which is only 2.5%-3% of the cost of the whole vehicle. Although the automotive fastener products are small and low in value, their importance to automotive products is much higher than their own value. The fast-growing vehicle market has driven the rapid growth of auto parts, especially automotive fasteners. In 2007, the total output of automobile fastener enterprises nationwide increased by 35% year-on-year, and the average sales revenue increased by 18.3% year-on-year. The domestic automotive fastener market supply maintained a double-digit growth rate year after year. In 2008, the total output value of the automotive fastener industry is expected to reach 3.7 billion yuan, and the sales value will reach 3.5 billion yuan.

    Automotive fastener technology (design, manufacturing, etc.) and automotive fastening technology (theory, control, etc.) all include related high-tech, and it is generally not considered to be "big road goods." After nearly 20 years of accumulation, China's automotive fastener industry has developed more than 30 backbone enterprises. From the point of view of the distribution of enterprises, not only for local passenger vehicles, commercial vehicle enterprises, but also for domestic major vehicle manufacturers; and many products even enter the OEM supporting circle of GM, Ford and other auto giants. The world's multinational auto companies have established automobile fastener holding companies in China. They have gathered the essence of automotive fasteners in China, and have also increased the intensity of market competition, reflecting the Chinese auto parts (automotive fasteners) industry. An important window.

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The main products are:Machine screws,Precision Machinery, etc.