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    Southwestern King of the Screw Kingdom: If you decide to invest, you must be in place.

    Date:2019-05-28 19:52:23 Viewing Count:

    Fifteen years ago, its annual output value was less than 10,000 yuan, and it was a small workshop that was not known. After 15 years, its annual output value has exceeded 200 million yuan, and it has become a well-known enterprise at home and abroad. It enjoys nearly ten kinds of reputations such as “Tonghai County Key Private Enterprise” and “Quality and Credit Double Satisfaction Enterprise”. This is the myth created by the industry's reputation as the "Southwest King of the Screw Kingdom" Yunnan Tonghai Linhai Standard Co., Ltd.

    In the screw market in Yunnan Province, if 10 screws are being used, then 8 will be manufactured by the Tonghai Linhai standard. The products of Tonghai Linhai standard parts can be found on every expressway in Yunnan Province, because the bolts of the highway guardrail baffle of Yunnan Province are exclusively provided by the Tonghai Linhai standard.

    A few years ago, many dealers shipped the screws from East China and Hebei to Yunnan for sale. Today, dealers are shipping the screws of Yunnan Tonghai Linhai standard parts to all parts of the country for sale. In the screw market of Southwest China, South China, Central China, East China and Northeast China, Yunnan Tonghai Linhai standard products have a certain market share. Even in the screw market in Southeast Asia and other countries, there are products in Yunnan Tonghai Linhai. .

    Yunnan Tonghai Linhai Standard Parts Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992, formerly known as Tonghai County Rivet Factory. In 2003, it was renamed Yunnan Tonghai Linhai Standard Parts Co., Ltd. Tonghai County, Yunnan Province has a long history of hardware trading market. For a long time, the metal stamping parts of Nagu Town in the county, the iron farm tools in Hexi Town, the small leather barrels on the 4th Street, and the copper pots in Caijiashan all like to come here. Trade your own products. Yunnan Tonghai Linhai Standard Co., Ltd. is located here.

    Like many private enterprises, Tonghai Linhai has also experienced a period of hard business development. According to General Manager Mei Chun, before 1991, he was engaged in construction, and sometimes he did some woodworking to subsidize the home. Both industries that he was in contact with at the time required screws, such as steel doors and windows for buildings and furniture for home furnishings. Careful, he has an incomprehensible love for this little screw.

    Have the courage to start a loan

    Lin Meichun is a man who dares to dare to do it and his mind is active. By chance, Lin Meichun heard that processing screws can make money. So, he went to Shanghai, Jiangsu Yixing and other screw processing sites to learn about the market. After returning, he took out all the family for 4,000 yuan, and loaned 15,000 yuan to the bank, bought a cold-press machine to process rivets. Without a factory, Lin Meichun vacated one of his own houses to work as a factory; without production technology, he consulted an experienced teacher while buying books and self-study. Lin Meichun said: "At the time, I still didn't know how to produce standard parts. In order to produce products that satisfy customers, I suffered a lot." Although the monthly output is only a few jins, Lin Meichun is steadily playing. Three years later, Lin Meichun was able to produce standard parts. His machine has been increased to 8 sets, and some simple houses have been built as processing workshops.

    Lin Meichun is not proud of seeing that his own business has gradually improved. He knows that his factory is still a small rural enterprise. If you want to stand still in the market tide, you need to slowly accumulate energy and wait for development opportunities. advent.

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The main products are:Machine screws,Precision Machinery, etc.