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    China's largest slewing bearing birth, manufacturing technology reached a new high

    Date:2019-05-28 19:54:15 Viewing Count:

    China's current largest bearing was born in Luoyang, Henan. It is understood that this set of bearings has broken the manufacturing record of the largest domestic bearing previously maintained by the company. It has an outer diameter of 6.25 meters and a weight of 14.079 tons. It has completely independent intellectual property rights and once again created a new "republic of the Republic" for bearing products. It is the largest outer diameter bearing in China.

    The bearing was born in Henan Coalification Luoyang LYC Company. Feng Chaozhong, the person in charge of the bearing technology, said: "This bearing has been custom-made for the process of transferring the process. When transferring from the production workshop to the heat treatment process, the bearing must be tilted 45 degrees and used with two forklifts."

    According to Feng Chaozhong, this set of slewing bearings consists of three rows of cylindrical rollers. The production of this set of bearings is used in military industrial enterprises, the precision requirements are very high, and the technical difficulty is also very large. Since this precision has never been processed, they used a variety of advanced techniques during production. After more than two months of continuous research, the product precision reached the highest level of P5.

    Feng Chaozhong believes that compared with the bearings with an outer diameter of 6.07 meters, the advantages of this bearing are very obvious. The successful development of this set of bearings will change the situation that domestic enterprises rely on imports for extra large slewing bearings, marking China. Bearing manufacturing technology has reached a new level.

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The main products are:Machine screws,Precision Machinery, etc.